forklift battery maintenance

Forklift Battery Maintenance

How To Reduce Cost Of Ownership Through Proper Forklift Battery Maintenance

Forklift Battery maintenance is a very important but often overlooked factor in extending the working life of your batteries and therefore minimising costs. Lack of proper maintenance is a major factor that contributes to costsand reliability. A high percentage of forklifts are powered electronically and the batteries in these machines can be very expensive. It is therefore important that those working with forklifts have an understanding of good and bad maintenance practices. The benefits for your business  from having a good battery maintenance schedule include:

  • Decreasing expenses
    Improved safety
    Greater performance
    Extended life span

Understanding Forklift Battery Maintenance

  • Each time you charge a forklift battery it uses a "cycle". Most new batteries are designed for 1500 cycles prior to reaching the end of usable battery life.
    A battery charged once each working day (300 per year) will last 5 years (1500 cycles). Opportunity charging (multiple times per day, during breaks) can reduce the life by over half.

Quality Forklift batteries (see Reliable Batteries Range) are designed for long life and are expected to perform under significant usage levels. Even though they are designed for a long life, it is up to the user to maintain the battery through proper charging so that your battery performs as it was designed to. Here are a few Do's and Don'ts that will help you extend the working life of your batteries.

Forklif Battery Maintenance Do’s

  • Every five to ten charge cycles, you should select equalise/weekend charge option. Your forklift battery benefits from this by keeping the cell voltages even and in line.
    It is recommended in most applications that you charge a forklift battery at the end of each shift or if it is discharged more than 30%.
    Always charge a battery in a well ventilated area

Forklift Battery Maintenance Don’ts

  • Don’t over-discharge (discharge beyond 80%) a forklift battery. This will significantly reduce the life expectancy of the battery.
    Don’t let a discharged battery sit there for extended periods as this will promote hard sulphation and significantly reduce the run time and life of the battery.
    Do not opportunity charge (i.e. charging during lunch breaks) Remember, each charge costs a cycle. If you charge your battery twice a day you will still get your 1500 cycles, but the will be used up in 2.5 years instead of 5.
    Never interrupt a charge cycle if it is unnecessary. Once a charge has started, let it finish so you get the maximum work out of your forklift battery for each cycle.

Understanding these basic principals will make your Forklift Battery last longer and save you money.  Of course no battery lasts forever so when you do need a new battery, call reliable Batteries.