n120marreliable batteries marine battery

CCA: 870 CCA

Engineered for balanced power over CCA, RCm and AH for best performance in modern vessels.

Modern cars' reliance on advanced electronics place greater demand on a marine battery than ever before and our batteries are engineered to meet that demand.

Designed for best perfomance on all measures including Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), Reserve Capacity (RCm) and Amp Hours (AH) Reliable are the car battery of choice.

Reliable Batteries Marine Batteries Gold Coast

Reliable Batteries brand batteries are engineered with a balanced power approach to achieve a longer life while producing the best performance. All of that adds up to a better value car battery for your dollar.

Reliable Batteries marine batteries are also backed up by our extended warranty so Gold Coast drivers can have even greater confidence in the battery they choose.

Reliable batteries new batteries are made to suit our vast australian conditions, and built with the latest technology

All reliable batteries are brand new batteries and come with a 1, 2 and 3 year (nationwide warranty)...ask staff for more details

Free onsite installation with purchased reliable battery

Free alternator check from our qualified mechanics

For a first start you can always trust a reliable battery.

We have stock available in store and on our mobile vehicles to suit 99% of your battery needs.